New Staffing System moves into 2nd year with POLNET and ITECNET

2017 will mark the second year of the implementation of the new staff selection and managed mobility system for the Political, Peace and Humanitarian Network (POLNET). It will also be the first year of implementation for the Information and Telecommunications Technology Network (ITECNET).   

The new staffing approach is an essential element of the Secretariat’s talent management strategy to build a global, mobile and adaptable workforce. It introduces position occupancy limits, semi-annual staffing exercises for vacancies, managed mobility exercises as well as centre-led staffing recommendations and decisions.

When are the next staffing exercises?

  • POLNET: The first 2017 vacancy exercise will start on 31 January 2017. The next POLNET managed mobility exercise will open in April 2017.
  • ITECNET: The first 2017 vacancy exercise will start in April/May 2017. The first ITECNET managed mobility will open in summer 2017.

What about the managed mobility requirement?

The managed mobility requirement takes effect in the second year of job network implementation (for POLNET in 2017, for ITECNET in 2018). This means that staff members who have reached the position maximum by then will be moving to a new position through a managed mobility exercise. POLNET staff who are close to their position maximum will be contacted in early January 2017 to verify their position occupancy information. The POLNET managed mobility exercise itself is scheduled to start in April 2017 with the final placement decisions made in November 2017. Staff can continue to apply to regular vacancies at any time.

POLNET staff who have questions regarding managed mobility in 2017 may contact the Network Staffing Team at:

What are the results from 2016?

In 2016, four staffing exercises, consisting of two managed mobility exercises and two vacancy exercises, were conducted for POLNET. This included 157 Recruit from Roster Job Openings (RfRs) and 96 Position Specific Job Openings (PSJOs). Under the first managed mobility exercise 38 staff members were recommended for placement to a new position. A more detailed update is contained in the Secretary-General’s Report on Mobility (A/71/323/Add.1).


Briefing sessions: Click here for a schedule of available sessions. Three different types of learning sessions are available: Introduction to the new staffing system; Managed Mobility; and Standardized Assessment Process (NEW).

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