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What is POLNET and how will talent management for POLNET be different under the new staffing system?

POLNET is one of nine (9) job networks in the UN Secretariat. It comprises seven (7) job families requiring similar or overlapping knowledge areas, skills and abilities. Out of 14,000 staff members subject to mobility in the UN Secretariat, approximately 2,800 staff members fall under POLNET.

The new staffing system went live as of 1 January 2016 with POLNET as the first job network. POLNET staff members can achieve periodic movements through TWO components of the new staffing system:

  • Under managed mobility, eligible staff in POLNET will be able to move laterally within their job network to positions for which they are suitable.
  • Staff members will be able to apply to vacant positions in POLNET as well as in other job networks under the vacancy exercise.

Temporary Job Openings (TJOs) may be used to cover interm needs between the staffing cycles. Lateral reassignment authorities by the heads of departments will still be exercised in situations of surge, emergencies or humanitarians needs as well as for abolition of posts and reduction of staff members. 

Other job networks will continue to be governed by the current staff selection system until their transition under the new staffing system.

Click here to see all job families that are part of POLNET.

  How do I know whether I am part of POLNET?

Click here to access a search function allowing you to check your network.

 What is happening in 2017?

From 2016, staffing exercises for POLNET positions have been conducted twice a year (not on an on-going basis anymore).

Note: The dates below are for the POLNET staffing exercises in 2017. Timelines and processes will be updated regularly to align with the dates for the on-going staffing exercise. 

1) Semi-annual vacancy exercises:

Click here for a detailed timeline and process on the vacancy staffing exercises for POLNET in 2017.

Important: There is a standardized assessment process under the new staffing system. Click here for more more information on the assessment process and dates for currently on-going semi-annual staffing exercises.


2) Semi-annual managed mobility exercises:

Important: From 2017, staff members reaching their maximum position occupancy limit will be required to participate in the managed mobility exercise. Other staff members can still continue to opt in from 2017 onwards.

Click here for a detailed timeline and process on the current managed mobility exercise for POLNET in 2017.


 What happened in 2016?

Please see the below which explains what happened in 2016 for the vacancy and the managed mobility exercise. 


  How does POLNET staff participate in a managed mobility exercise?

You can participate in a managed mobility exercise in Inspira (Self service > My Managed Mobility) by opting in to the exercise during the opt in period.

  • Click here for more information on position occupancy limit and eligibility criteria for participating in the managed mobility exercise.
  • Click here for the Quick Guide for opting in to the POLNET managed mobility exercise.
  • Click here for the Quick Guide for expressing interest in the POLNET managed mobility exercise (only applicable for the staff members participating in the exercise).

Any tips for POLNET staff?

  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Managed Mobility Exercise.
  • Click here for an overview of the new staffing system.
  • To understand the process for managed mobility please sign-up for a webinar on managed mobility via the learning module in your inspira account. Click here for more details.