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 What is ITECNET?

The Information and Telecommunication Technology Job Network (ITECNET) is one of nine (9) job networks in the UN Secretariat. It comprises three (3) job families requiring similar or overlapping knowledge areas, skills and abilities: Information Management System and Technology; Telecommunication Technology; and Media Technology. Under the new staffing system, staff members belonging to this job network will have the opportunity to move laterally across job families and functions under a managed mobility exercise.Staff can also continue to apply to any vacancies that they feel qualified for.


The new staffing system went live as of 25 March 2017 with ITECNET as the second job network. ITECNET staff members can achieve periodic movements through TWO components of the new staffing system:

  • Under managed mobility, eligible staff in ITECNET will be able to move laterally within their job network to positions for which they are suitable.
  • Staff members will be able to apply to vacant positions in ITECNET as well as in other job networks under the vacancy exercise.

Temporary Job Openings (TJOs) may be used to cover interm needs between the staffing cycles. Lateral reassignment authorities by the heads of departments will still be exercised in situations of surge, emergencies or humanitarians needs as well as for abolition of posts and reduction of staff members. 

Other job networks will continue to be governed by the current staff selection system until their transition to the new staffing system.

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  How do I know whether I am part of ITECNET?

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  When will ITECNET go live under the new staffing system?

The new staffing system will be introduced gradually by job network between 2016 and 2020. The Information and Telecommunication Technology Network (ITECNET) is the second job network to have made the transition to the new system, effective 25 March 2017. Pursant to ST/AI/2016/1, the filling of vacant positions and the placement under managed mobility of staff mobility of staff in the Professional and higher categories up to and including the D-2 level and in the Field Service category in ITECNET will be managed through periodic staffing exercises. The provisions of ST/AI/2010/3 will continue to apply to job openings in the Information and Telecommunication Technology Network that were advertised before 24 March 2017. 

  What is going to happen in 2017?

From March 2017, staffing exercises for ITECNET positions will be conducted twice a year (not on an on-going basis anymore).

Note: The dates below are for the ITECNET staffing exercises in 2017. Timelines and processes will be updated regularly to align with the dates for the on-going staffing exercise. 

  • Semi-annual vacancy exercises: All vacant positions in ITECNET available for one year or longer will be advertised through job openings in inspira. The staffing exercises are tentatively scheduled to commence in May 2017 and November 2017.

    Click here for a detailed timeline and process on the vacancy staffing exercises for ITECNET in 2017.

    Important: Click here for more information on the assessment process and dates for currently on-going semi-annual staffing exercises.

  • Placement under managed mobility: Participation in a managed mobility exercise will be on a voluntary basis for the first year that a job network makes the transition to the new system. Eligible staff members in ITECNET who have served the minimum position occupancy limit, as stipulated in section 1 of ST/AI/2016/1, and who meet the eligibility requirements stipulated therein may participate in the managed mobility exercise for that network 2017 by expressing their interest through inspira.  

    The exercise is tentatively scheduled to commence on 12 July 2017. Staff members in ITECNET may choose to take part in the exercise through inspira from 12 to 25 July 2017 (midnight, Eastern Standard Time).

    Read more in the Information Circular ST/IC/2017/4.

  How do I know when it is time for me to change positions?

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Any tips for ITECNET staff?

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