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First week

As you get started in your new post and finish your first week, this is a perfect time to focus on resources that can help you to communicate and connect.

To learn more about this important resource for all United Nations personnel, please:

To learn about essential work related to diversity and inclusion and how to be an ally:

To find out when you can join a 1-hour “Introduction to iSeek” website, log in to with your Unite ID, and search for "Introduction to iSeek". The iSeek team will lead you on a short tour of the useful apps, tools, and information available on the UN Intranet-iSeek. You will learn:

  • how to find the essential information and tools to do your work
  • how to stay informed of the latest events, news, and announcements
  • how to search for job opportunities and training
  • how to connect with colleagues around the world

With your United Nations e-mail account, request a LinkedIn Learning account – free to all UN personnel. LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills on the job, when you need it.

We invite all interns throughout the UN Secretariat to join this group to connect, network, get involved, and to gain even more from your internship. Members are invited to a series of webinars to learn about many aspects of the United Nations Secretariat and will have an opportunity to join a LinkedIn Group.

How to sign up: 1) Wait till your UN e-mail address is confirmed and ready (if possible). 2) Send an email to to request to be added.

If you and your colleagues need to write in English for work, sign up to receive weekly writing tips by e-mail. These tips are prepared by an English language teacher in Geneva and include United Nations examples.

Did you complete some of your mandatory courses before you had Unite ID or a UN e-mail? Well done! To request that to be recorded in your Staff account, please contact

To complete any remaining mandatory training courses (see list found on the Get Ready page), set up a schedule for yourself to ensure you can get these done within the next six months or sooner.