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First day on the job

Welcome to your first day on the job! We hope your new role will be a positive and rewarding experience. If this is your first staff post in the United Nations Secretariat, today is your “Entry on Duty” (EOD) date. 

Today or quite soonyou will receive “Unite ID” log in credentials and a UN email address, which will be needed to access some of these links.

Ask your supervisor or your HR Partner if your duty station has an in-person induction programme for new staff. It is a great way to meet others and start developing friendships. If you have joined the UN through the Young Professionals Programme (YPP), ask your supervisor or HR Partner about the YPP induction programme

(for UNHCR staff) Learn about OHCHR: Welcome to OHCHR! Use this induction tool in English or French to learn about your new role as an OHCHR staff member. 

If not already scheduled, ask to meet with your supervisoto discuss your work plan and timelines.

StaffUpon arrival at the duty station, contact your HR Officer or Assistant to obtain information about the performance management system and to find out who your supervisors are.

Then, in your first few weeks, discuss your workplan with your First Reporting Officer (FRO). Read further about your Role and Responsibilities in Performance Management.  

Take a few minutes to read the Organization’s policy and approach to performance management. For further information on performance management, please refer to Performance Management on the HR Portal. 

There are several key platforms and applications that you will be expected to use:

HR Platforms 

  • Umoja — submit leave, manage travel requests and other benefits; obtain a personnel action form and payslips. Official holidays and calendars for the main duty stations are available on iSeek. 
  • Inspira — apply for jobs, manage performance management documents, and register for training. Requires separate log-in credentials. All job announcements are also posted on the Jobs page on iSeek 

Learn about enterprise applications on the Global Online AppDesk, including Microsoft Office 365 applications: 

  • Outlook for email 
  • Teams for online meetings, document sharing, chatting with colleagues 
  • SharePoint for cloud-based storage for your working documents 
  • PowerBI for data analysis 
  • Project for planning 
  • Forms for surveys, feedback forms, quizzes 


The UN Intranet-iSeek is the internal portal to the Organization where you can find all the resources you will need.

Start by visiting Orientation: Essentials for Staff Members - a page that includes brief descriptions and links to: 

  • Fundamental readings 
  • Platforms and applications needed to do your work 
  • Finding colleagues and offices 
  • Where to turn for help  

Check iSeek at the beginning of each work day to: 

  • Review news and staff stories
  • Check for announcements and upcoming events that are of interest to you  
  • Explore the classifieds and available jobs 
As updated on iSeek, be sure to review the current priorities of the Secretary-General, as it can be quite strategic to link the work you do with these priorities. 

A UNHQ Guided Tour is an excellent way to become familiar with the work of the Organization. Staff are invited to take a free virtual tour of UN Headquarters in New York on the second Friday of every month at 11:00 am EST.  Check if there are similar options for your duty station.

If you are a new hire for OCHA,please take the new induction course ‘Welcome to OCHA!’, which will provide you with an overview of the mandate and vision, core functions and objectives of OCHA. The course targets all new personnel of OCHA as well as the partner organizations working with OCHA to meet the needs of those who are affected by crises. It is available on Inspira in English, French and Spanish.

  • LMS-6501 – Welcome to OCHA – English (OCHA E-foundational course - Welcome to OCHA!)
  • LMS-7056-1 - Welcome to OCHA-French (Cours fondamental d’OCHA - OCHA vous souhaite la bienvenue !)
  • LMS-7057-1 - Welcome to OCHA-Spanish (Curso básico de OCHA: ¡Le damos la bienvenida a OCHA!

​Additional induction material will be made available on OCHA internal platforms as you start your duties.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ochalearning@un.org

As originals or certified copies: 
All staff should bring these documents:
1. Passport or National ID – for self and eligible dependent spouse
2. Marriage certificate (if married)
3. Birth certificates for dependent children (if relevant)
General Service (GS) staff should also bring:

4. Original copy of high school diploma

Decide to opt in or opt out of the Voluntary Supplemental Funding Mechanism for Legal Assistance, which is a voluntary payroll deduction to supplement the funding of the Office of Staff Legal Assistance.

To learn about essential work related to diversity and inclusion and how to be an ally:

Electoral Policies are a must-read for Staff Members involved in Electoral Affairs work. The United Nations in collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental partners have developed several tools to provide election practitioners with useful resources. 

  • Policy Directive on Women's Participation

  • UN Support to Electoral System Design and Reform  

  • Guideline Promoting the Electoral Rights of Persons with Disabilities through UN -Electoral Assistance 

  • Policy Directive on UN support to international election observers 

  • Policy Directive Principles and Types of UN Electoral Assistance 

  • United Nations Statements and Public Comment around Elections 

  • Policy directive UN Elect Asst. Supervision, Observation, Panels and Certification