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In an effort to make the registration process to NY language courses more streamlined and simplified for non-staff users, we are delighted to announce that starting from 5 December 2016 we will be introducing a new registration process. You will no longer go through Inspira, but can access learning directly at Please use this guide to register and sign up for courses. If you are new to language learning, please start on the first page. If you have already registered on Inspira, please skip to page 4. Please note that access through Inspira is no longer possible.

The Language and Communications Programme at UNHQ offers a variety of face-to-face and online language learning opportunities in the six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish


When is the upcoming term?
17 April - 7 July 2017
End-of-term examinations: 10 - 14 July 2017


When is the registration period for the upcoming term?
For placement tests: From 22 February 2017
For courses beginning 17 April 2017: 6 March - 4 April 2017
All other courses: Two weeks prior to course start
Deadline to drop a course: 24 April 2017
Deadline to drop specialized courses: 24 hours after the first class

How do I register?


How can I get registration help?
Our office at the UN Learning Centre will offer personalized registration supportThe registration Help Desk schedule is as follows:  Every Monday and Wednesday from 1.00 to 3.00 p.m. (8  March - 3 April 2017) in Computer Room B of the New Learning Center (NL3B).  


When do classes start?
The Spring term begins on  17 April  2017 and ends in the the first week of July. In order to enroll in the Spring term, staff members must register on Inspira.


What time do classes take place?
Classes are usually offered before work, at lunch time, or after work in each thirteen-week term.


Where are the classrooms located?
Our new United Nations Learning Centre is located at the 3rd basement of the General Assembly Building (NL-3B).


Who can take these courses?
UN staff, retired UN staff members, and delegates of Permanent Missions and Observer States may take classes at no charge. Students' UN grounds pass must be valid until the end of the course(s) for which they will register. If it's not, to be allowed to register, students must attach a signed letter from their supervisor or executive officer when submitting their online registration, indicating that it is expected that their contract will be extended through the end of the course(s). Staff members of UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNOPS in New York are eligible to take classes for a fee. If you are unsure if you can take our courses, please refer to our eligibility table.


Where can I find information on placement tests?
More information on placement tests can be found here.


More Frequently Asked Questions


Web-based language courses



What do we do? The Language Learning Services Unit (LLSU) can help you organise language or communication skills training or testing for staff at your location. 

Who do we support? We serve UN Secretariat learning managers and HR partners in charge of language training for staff in different offices, as well as peacekeeping and political missions. We can also support UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes through collaboration agreements. Find out more.