What's New in the HR Handbook?

The updates to the HR Handbook as at 3 May 2019 have been posted at https://hr.un.org/handbook/source. Below is a list of the changes for your reference:


Secretary-General’s Bulletins

ST/SGB/2019/4 -  Records and archives of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism

ST/SGB/2019/3 -  Flexible working arrangements

ST/SGB/2019/2 -  Delegation of authority in the administration of the Staff Regulations and Rules and the Financial Regulations and Rules


Administrative Instructions

ST/AI/2019/2 -  Normal working hours at Headquarters

ST/AI/2019/1 -  Resolution of disputes relating to medical determinations


Information Circulars

ST/IC/2019/13 -  Revised salary scales for staff in the General Service and related categories at Headquarters (recruited on or after 1 February 2016)

ST/IC/2019/12 -  Pensionable remuneration for staff in the Professional and higher categories and for staff in the Field Service category

ST/IC/2019/10 -  Revised base salary scales for staff in the Professional and higher categories and staff in the Field Service category

ST/IC/2019/9/Corr.1 -  Membership of the Senior Review Group

ST/IC/2019/9 -  Membership of the Senior Review Group

ST/IC/2019/8 -  Membership of the Central Review Board, Committee and Panel at Headquarters

ST/IC/2019/7 -  Availability of official documents to Secretariat officials

ST/IC/2019/6 -  Rates of reimbursement for travel by private motor vehicle

ST/IC/2019/5 -  Language and communications programme at Headquarters 2019

ST/IC/2019/4/Amend.1 -  Designation of duty stations for purposes of rest and recuperation


Guidelines and Agreements

Danger Pay from 1 April to 30 June 2019

List of duty stations designated as Non-Family Duty Stations as of 1 March 2019

United Nations Secretariat - Guidelines for the Personal Use of Social Media


For full access to HR Handbook, please visit https://hr.un.org/handbook.