PEP Kit Programme

The United Nations HIV and Global HIV PEP kit program in workplace is designed to reduce the impact of HIV in the workplace by supporting “universal access” to prevention, treatment, care and support for all personnel and their families. This webpage contains accurate and up-to-date global information and resources that UN personnel can access about protection from HIV infection and available support system from Division of healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health. The Division of Healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health is responsible for technical supervision and management of the UN Global HIV PEP kit program and HIV/AIDS program in UN Peacekeeping Operations.

HIV Policy Mandates and Security Council Resolutions

These are main policy mandates and security council resolutions for the establishment of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in the UN workplace and Peacekeeping operations.

HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Orientation Programme 

This introduces the UN Personnel Policy on HIV and educates all staff and their families on questions related to this illness – such as that a person's HIV status is his/her own affair and must always be treated by the UN and all its offices as confidential. This training is available as part of the mandatory orientation training for all newly recruited UN personnel through the Inspira in (English and French)

HIV/AIDS Frequently Asked Questions (HIV/AIDS FAQ)

  • For general knowledge and Frequently Asked Questions on HIV/AIDS, visit the WHO Webpage: HIV/AIDS FAQ (English I French )

Global HIV PEP kit program

  • This program supports implementation of HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for UN personnel exposed to HIV infection in duty stations and missions globally.

What is HIV PEP kit program?

UN Global HIV PEP Information video

  • UN System HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Kit Program: An Introduction (English | French)

Technical Guidance on Use of UN HIV PEP Kits

  • UN Medical Directors Guidelines for Use of UN-Issued HIV PEP Kits for Occupational/Non-Occupational HIV Exposure Occurring in UN Personnel and Dependents (January 2021) (English | French)
  • Guidance on HIV Testing for UN Health Facilities (English I French)

PEP Kit Management Memos & Templates


PEP Kit Custodians

  • Contact your Designated Officer for the list of PEP Kit Custodians in your duty station

HIV PEP Kit Usage Reporting Forms


  • HIV PEP FAQ for Patient and UN personnel accessing HIV PEP services (English I French)
  • HIV PEP FAQ for UN PEP Kit Custodians, clinical staff and UN  Physicians (English I French)

For Additional Information on HIV /AIDS and HIV PEP

  • Further information on HIV/AIDS (Overview, Symptoms and Treatment) is available on the WHO HIV/AIDS Webpage
  • Further information on PEP Kit is available on the WHO website.

For further information on HIV/AIDS and UN Global HIV PEP Kit program, contact DHMOSH Public Health unit at ;