Online language learning opportunities in 2017

Beginning a new language, working to advance in another language, or improving your communication skills are important talents not only for enhancing collaboration with your colleagues globally but also as an important part of your own career development. Learning a language advances the Organization’s goals of spreading multilingualism and multiculturalism “as a means of promoting, protecting, and preserving diversity of language and cultures globally” (resolution A/RES/69/324).

Learn the skills you need in 5 minutes


Making time for learning activities is an important part of career development. It is crucial to take a break from your everyday projects and explore new topics and learn new skills. It can help you stay interested and motivated in your current position and guide you on your future career path.

These days there are so many ways to learn without attending in-person workshops in traditional classrooms.  

Prepare for retirement: workshops and information sessions!

To meet the demand for pre-retirement information, OHRM in partnership with the Pension Fund and the Association of Former International Civil Servants, New York(AFICS), will be offering Pre-retirement Workshops in New York and Geneva, and create a global network of pension focal points in Offices away from Headquarters to provide a similar service to staff worldwide.

English translation unavailable for Now accepting applications for the 2014 Sabbatical Leave Programme.

Blended learning is gaining popularity across the UN common system

A relatively new approach to education, blended learning is a hybrid teaching method that combines traditional classroom instruction with online learning. It is increasingly being incorporated into our Learning and Development Programmes. Participants can now combine the e-learning courses available on UN.Skillport with instructor-led training which links theory to the UN context. Blended learning allows students to take advantage of technology that was previously not available in traditional instruction.

PRINCE2: Project management training is coming soon to a location near you!

Do you want to learn a methodology to help you and your team deliver projects efficiently and effectively?

Would you benefit from accredited certification to demonstrate that your project management skills are current and aligned with global best practice?

If the answer to these questions is yes, training in Projects in Controlled Environments Version Two, known as PRINCE2, could be for you!