YOUR CAREER PATH: Your unique career path is based on your professional aspirations and your previous and future career decisions. The Organization supports you with a range of resources to help you plan and implement your career decisions.


Plan your career

Use the career workbook to reflect on your career. The career workbook is designed to help you identify your strengths, skills, and work preferences. It contains tools for determining your career goals and developing an action plan.

The workbook consists of three parts divided into eleven chapters called “activities”. You can either work on the activities sequentially, or just choose the ones most relevant to you.

Job opportunities

Browse the different jobs available across the UN Secretariat or search for specific jobs by job family/network.

Job networks & job families

Job networks are groupings of departments and offices whose mandates, programmes of work and interests are closely linked to each other. Within a network, staff members can access opportunities for developing new skills, and gain exposure to different parts of the Organization. Click here for more information.

Career coaching

Career coaching is a process which enables staff members to recognise and utilise available resources to make career-related decisions and manage career-related issues. Click here for more information.

Relocation support

When you consider moving geographically, you might want to find out about other duty stations and possibilities of spouse employment. There is also a comprehensive relocation check list.

Career path examples

There are many different routes staff members take to progress in their career, including moving to another function, changing job family, moving to a different job network or moving to another duty station. Click here to find out about career path examples of UN staff members.