The inspira recruitment module deployment journey continues!

The latest group of peacekeeping operations and special political missions to benefit from the inspira recruitment module is as follows: BINUCA, BNUB, MINURSO, UNAMA, UNOAU and UNOCA. The tool will deploy to the final batch of missions this September.

Coinciding with today’s launch, the following missions have also posted various job openings as follows: BNUB; UNAMA and UNOAU. All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply for these posts.

For hiring managers

Job titles are streamlined in inspira

An extensive project has been undertaken recently to review, streamline and associate job codes (titles) in inspira in order to respond to the current Human Resources needs of the Organization.

A major benefit of the exercise is the association of job codes for functions at the same level, category and job family. This will lead to the expansion of the number of pre-approved roster candidates related to similar functions at the same level and category, provided that the requirements and qualifications are also similar.