What's new in the HR Handbook?

The updates to the HR Handbook as at 3 August 2018 have been posted at https://hr.un.org/handbook/source. Below is a list of the recent changes for your reference:

ST/SGB/2018/5  Introduction of an occupational safety and health management system

ST/AI/2018/9      Abolishment of obsolete administrative instructions

ST/IC/2018/20    Designation of duty stations for purposes of rest and recuperation

ST/IC/2018/19    Classification of duty stations and special entitlements for staff members serving at designated duty stations

ST/IC/2018/18     Abolition of obsolete information circulars

ST/IC/2018/17     Membership of the Senior Review Group


For full access to HR Handbook, please visit https://hr.un.org/handbook.

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