Language Proficiency Examinations

How to prepare for the Language Proficiency Examination

Registration for the Language Proficiency Exam is now open in Inspira! Here are some study tips to help you get ready...

The purpose of the Language Proficiency Examination (LPE) is to test staff members’ written and spoken knowledge in any of the six official languages of the United Nations. To prepare yourself for it, the Language and Communications Programme offers you a wide variety of online activities.

Are Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) considered staff members of the UN common system?

Yes, JPOs are staff members of the UN entity that issued their letter of appointment. Therefore, Associate Experts or Junior Professional Officers of the UN Secretariat are considered UNS (internal) staff members. Those working with UNDP or UNICEF for instance are considered staff members of UNDP or UNICEF, external staff for the purposes of the LPE.