Language Proficiency Examinations

Are Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) considered staff members of the UN common system?

Yes, JPOs are staff members of the UN entity that issued their letter of appointment. Therefore, Associate Experts or Junior Professional Officers of the UN Secretariat are considered UNS (internal) staff members. Those working with UNDP or UNICEF for instance are considered staff members of UNDP or UNICEF, external staff for the purposes of the LPE.

Are United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) considered staff members of United Nations Common System?

Yes, UNVs are staff members of the UN Common System, but they are not staff members of the UN Secretariat (UNS). Therefore, they are considered "external applicants" for the purpose of the LPE. Eligible UNVs may be convoked to the LPE as external candidates, only if UNV - Bonn Headquarters endorses and is responsible for payment of the LPE fee.

In inspira, after I click on "Browse Catalog" in "My Learning", I see the message "You do not have access to Catalog items. Please contact your System Administrator." Who should I contact?

This message means that you have not requested for access to the examination catalog items. Go to My Learning, then click Request for Learning, then select LPE as the Learning Type. The guide "How to create an account in inspira (external applicant) posted here covers how to request for such access. Please try the steps outlined in the guide.