Benefits/ entitlements

If I go on a mission assignment from a headquarters duty station or an office away from headquarters will I be eligible for rental subsidy when I come back to my post at my duty station?

Rental subsidy is an integral part of post adjustment. If an internationally-recruited staff member at Headquarters goes on assignment to a field mission which involves a change of duty station, on return from assignment he/she would have a new change of duty station and be again installed at the Headquarters duty station. He or she would be eligible to apply for rental subsidy.

As a Headquarters staff member going to the field, I understand I get some benefits for relocating, such as assignment grant and relocation grant. Will I get these benefits also upon my return to my parent duty station?

Yes. If you are assigned to a field mission for one year or longer, you are eligible for assignment grant as well as 1,000 kgs shipment of personal effects (or relocation grant in lieu of shipment of personal effects). Upon return from mission assignment, you would again be eligible for payment of assignment grant, and 1,000 kgs shipment of personal effects (or relocation grant in lieu of shipment). Please see the UN Salaries, Allowances and Benefits website for more information on assignment grant and relocation grant.

How have the harmonized conditions of service affected staff serving in field missions?

• There are now more staff in the field serving in family duty stations. In some duty stations, there was the discrepancy whereby, in some locations, staff serving with UN agencies, funds and programmes or other UN offices could bring their families but staff serving with field missions in the same location could not. Before 1 July 2011, only about 10 % of the posts in peacekeeping and special political missions (about 680) were in family duty stations. As of 1 July 2011 this increased to approximately 30 % of the posts (over 2,000) in missions. Staff who have eligible dependents (i.e.

Rental Subsidies and Deductions – Revised Policy and Process

A new administrative instruction on “Rental subsidies and deductions” (ST/AI/2013/2), is now available which introduces a more streamlined process in addition to more specific eligibility requirements.

Various key changes have been established in advance of the increasingly automated procedures that Umoja is starting to bring as the new system is gradually implemented throughout the UN Secretariat.

What are some key changes to the policy?

Application process