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What's new in the HR Handbook

HR Handbook

The updates to the HR Handbook as at 31 August 2015 have been posted online. Below is a list of the recent changes for your reference:

ST/IC/2015/17 - Working hours during the seventieth session of the General Assembly for staff members at United Nations Headquarters
ST/IC/2015/16 - Change in practice regarding the cancellation of valid United States visas in the “G” category upon completion of assignment in the United States of America

Mobility Talk: Supporting staff mobility

Mobility Talk: Global, Dynamic, Adaptable

Starting a new job, which may sometimes entail moving locations, can be an exciting as well as challenging experience. Mobility trends indicate that internationally recruited staff have made an average of 1,769 duty station moves per year between 2009 and 2013. With the incoming Mobility and Career Development Framework, a new staffing system for international positions, it will be the more important to provide support to staff as they pursue new opportunities within the UN Secretariat.

To support staff in making such career transitions, a variety of new resources are available: