New Duty Station Guides and Relocation Checklist

We are pleased to announce two resources that are now available to support all staff as they move around the Organization.  

The first is a complete suite of Duty Station Guides with detailed information on all aspects of life in UN duty stations.  These can be used to help inform choices about which duty stations to apply to for jobs, or to research a new assignment.  The second is a Relocation Checklist, a comprehensive guide to the actions that need to be taken when moving duty station, to help staff plan and be confident they have completed all steps necessary for a successful move.    

To access both these resources, please visit the Change in Duty Station section of the Work and Life Events page of the HR Portal [From the home page, click Your Pay & Benefits -> Work + Life Events -> Change in Duty Station]. Please note that you will be prompted to log into Unite Connections to access the list of guides.