Mobility Talk: A new approach to staffing in the UN Secretariat

In April 2014, the General Assembly adopted the refined mobility framework (A/RES/68/265) setting the stage for a more strategic and holistic staffing approach to strengthen the capacity of the Organization to retain a dynamic, adaptable and global workforce that can deliver on increasingly complex mandates.

The staffing system, which is for staff at the Professional and higher categories as well as at the Field Service category, will consist of two complementary parts:

  • The filling of vacancies through job openings; and
  • A managed mobility exercise.

Both are to facilitate mobility as an integral and required part of a UN career.

In addition, staffing activities will be managed in a more structured and consistent way than today: by job networks, on a semi-annual basis, with standardized assessments for vacancies; and with increased support from HR professionals and new staffing bodies.

These measures will allow for a more strategic approach to staffing that takes into account organizational imperatives; affords staff broader opportunities for movement; decreases recruitment timelines; and reduces time spent by hiring managers on administrative tasks related to recruitment.

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[This article was originally published on iSeek - The UN Intranet]