It’s here! The first managed mobility exercise for POLNET!

It's here: POLNET Managed Mobility

Eligible staff members in the Political, Peace and Humanitarian job network (POLNET) will have the opportunity to laterally move to a different position by participating in the first managed mobility exercise in January 2016.

When? 4 to 17 January 2016 (opt-in window)
How? in inspira
Who? Eligible staff in the Professional and higher categories up to and including the D-2 level and in the Field Service category.

Managed mobility is a new semi-annual exercise under the new staff selection and managed mobility system. The new system will introduce a number of innovative features to allow for broader movement opportunities, more planned and structured staffing and a consistent and equitable process. New features include: semi-annual staffing, position occupancy limits; and a more centre-led approach to staffing and placement decisions.