Disability Inclusion Tips

The UN Secretariat is committed to being an inclusive organization for staff with disabilities of all types.

How can we behave in ways that are disability-inclusive?

It is especially important for managers to be inclusive in the hiring process and in managing  teams.  

Being inclusive means: 

  • Taking time to build relationships with your team members
  • Asking about their home lives and work-life balance to alleviate concerns about the disabilities they may have
  • Educating teams members that  some disabilities are not visible however not surmountable
  • Protecting the privacy of our colleagues and allowing to share if/when comfortable
  • Identifying the best method of communciation, organizational style and preferred workspace arrangements
  • Encouraging use of flexible working arrangement as it benefits productivity and work-life balance for all staff
  • Ensuring reasonable accommodations can be made.
  • Providing frequent, clear feedback about daily or weekly projects and progress toward overall goals in workplans.
  • Scheduling regular feedback discussions. All staff, regardless of disabilities, need to hear how their performance is viewed and to find out what they need to improve.

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