Image of accessibility centre pinsAs part of the implementation of the Secretary-General's bulletin on the employment and accessibility for staff members with disabilities in the United Nations Secretariat, we are committed to taking appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability in the workplace through the adoption of standards and guidelines for the United Nations Secretariat. This  ensures that staff members with disabilities have access to physical facilities, conferences and services, documentation and information, and professional development. Such measures are being taken within existing resources or with additional resources approved for this purpose by the General Assembly. 

Accessibility features in UN recruitment 

Recent steps towards this goal was the launch of accessibility features on the UN Careers Portal and inspira, the recruitment platform for the Secretariat. An “accessibility” button, available on the Careers Portal and inspira homepages, allows users with disabilities to access the content and functionalities of the websites and learn more about working at the United Nations. 

The accessibility features include adjustments to monitor settings, keyboard navigation, and the ability to function with a wide range of standard assistive technologies, such as screen readers and alternative keyboards. The seven predefined accessibility profiles, in both English and French, from which users can select are: 

  • Screen Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Color Contrast
  • Monochromatic
  • Text Color Contrast
  • Block Blinking
  • Help

These enhancements are just one part of the United Nations’ commitment to providing equal employment opportunity to all and reaffirms the 2030 Agenda pledge to “leave no one behind”. 

Watch the video on accessibility features on UN recruitment platforms!



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