Where to get a medical clearance

In New York, medical clearances are performed in-house and referrals to external providers will be made only where specialized services are needed. For an appointment, please contact the MSD reception at +1-212-963-7080, or send an email to msdreception@un.org

For other locations, contact your Medical Service or Human Resources office directly for the process for obtaining medical clearances.

Types of medical clearances

 Pre-employment medicals
Done before starting employment with the UN and each time you are appointed to a new post. Depending on your contract type and the work you are going to do, a pre-employment medical can range from a few questions to a comprehensive health examination with blood tests, x-rays and follow up. 

 Travel clearances 
With the introduction of UMOJA, all travel will require a medical clearance. In most cases this can be done automatically, but sometimes we will ask you to answer some questions beforehand. To make sure you travel in the safest way possible, you may be given health advice, vaccinations or treatments for conditions common in the location you are travelling to.

 Return to work 
Anyone who has had a significant medical illness or injury, or who has been medically evacuated, should receive a clearance to return to work. The return to work clearance makes clear when you can start work, where you can work, and what tasks you can do.  In many cases, short term restrictions can be used to help manage the return safely.  

In addition to the above types of clearances, staff members may be required at any time to undergo medical evaluation when requested by the Medical Director. This is done either to protect the health and safety of staff members, to follow up chronic medical conditions, or to assess how new circumstances since a prior clearance might be affecting a staff member's capability to fulfill job functions.

Medical Disclaimer

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