Staff Engagement Suvey

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What is staff engagement?

Staff engagement is the emotional commitment that a staff member has to an organization and its goals. More generally, engagement is two-way: it occurs when the organization values the employee and when the employee values an organization.

Engagement does not happen by chance; it requires an environment built on trust, integrity and open communication, where the views of people matter and make a difference. To improve staff engagement, organizations must reflect on their values and culture and to think how they lead, manage and communicate.

Engagement is discretionary - it is something that a person can choose to offer an organization or not.

Staff engagement: an integral part of the UN Reform

Highly engaged staff are correlated to higher levels of performance and productivity, which in turn enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. In contrast, absence and turnover are often indicators of low staff engagement. In other words, staff engagement goes along with an enabling, empowering, respectful and inclusive workplace. It is thus a pre-requisite to the success of the UN reform.