OHR launches agile performance management pilot

Meeting with DGACM (Photo: OHR)

Agile per­for­mance man­age­ment is an approach to man­ag­ing employ­ee per­for­mance and devel­op­ment.

It is col­lab­o­ra­tive, involv­ing reg­u­lar con­ver­sa­tions and con­tin­u­ous feed­back.

The new approach offers flexibility in many ways. Feedback, such as comments and competency ratings, can be exchanged among all levels of staff, not just through the traditional route where a supervisor gives feedback to a direct report.

Goal development, alignment and updating can be done easily throughout the year.


About the pilot

  • This initiative supports the Secretary-General’s plan to reform performance management and accountability among managers and all staff. 
  • The six-month pilot is taking place to collect data on new approaches that will improve the UN Secretariat’s Performance Management Framework. Lessons learned from the pilot will inform future Office of Human Resources discussions with senior management.
  • Teams in the Documentation Division of DGACM, the Division for Palestinian Rights of DPPA, and the Organizational Development Section of OHR/DMSPC are using an online platform to provide each other 360-degree feedback – across all levels of staff, not just the manager-to-staff direction. Staff can send comments and ratings on competencies to their colleagues and request feedback on day-to-day work or on longer-term projects. There is a public space on the platform where people can leave praise or recognition for each other.
  • The flexible workplan/goal module is another feature being tested. Team members will be able to continually update their goals and better align them with those of their unit, division and department. Goals will also be visible to all team members, which can help staff feel informed about team progress.
  • In May and June, additional pilot teams will launch in the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the UN Office at Geneva, and the UN Office at Vienna.

For more information, visit the Agile Performance Management page on iSeek.