All the information to prepare for retirement only one click away


Preparing for retirement is at the same time exciting and overwhelming. There are so many good things to look forward to and the process of preparing for it should be straightforward and non-stressful. To support this transitional time, the UN is now launching a new and improved Online Pre-retirement Checklist to ensure pre-retirees have all the information and contact details at their fingertips. This initiative is aimed to support the onsite Pre-retirement seminars by providing a one-stop-shop of all the information covered during the live events and making the information available globally.

To register and use this checklist, please visit:

The checklist is designed to provide staff member's with all the steps and requirements starting one year prior to retirement till their last day of service. It is divided into 8 sections:

1. Introduction

2. Separation Procedures

3. Repatriation Grant and Relocation (for internationally-recruited staff only)

4. Pension Fund

5. After Service Health Insurance (ASHI) and After Service Life Insurance (ASLI)

6. Taxation

7. Immigration

8. Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS)

The checklist is designed so that the content displayed is personalised based on information the staff member has entered (i.e. duty station, age, years of contributory service to the Pension Fund, etc.).

It is mobile-friendly, compatible with most modern web browsers and available in English and French. The system can also send automated emails to users periodically reminding them of their progress.

In May 2016, a group of pre-retirees volunteered to test the checklist and provided valuable feedback. Overall, it was well-received providing a clear overview of steps involved in the pre-retirement stages and featuring a trackable system where user progress is captured.

To register and use this checklist, please visit: