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The Spanish Programme offers language and communications courses for general Spanish (Spanish 1 through 9). In addition, some specialized courses are offered every term to address specific linguistic and communication needsThe Spanish Programme in NY is working along with all the other official languages and across other duty stations to align with the United Nations Language Framework.

Enrolled students will be notified on how to get their class materials.

Assessment icon Assessment

Our Spanish courses do not have a final exam, they all follow a continuous evaluation system. 

Specialized courses follow ad hoc assessment criteria depending on the type of course, duration, etc.

Methodology icon Methodology

We follow a communicative approach, based on the research that supports the fact that successful language learning happens when the students convey real meaning. Lessons are taught in Spanish and the core linguistic activities are presented in real contexts. This method ensures that participants can effectively develop their communication competence in Spanish.

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The Study Guide for the Spanish Language Proficiency Examination is on the LPE page of the HR Portal.