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Course icon General Russian courses

We offer general language courses that meet twice a week for 10 weeks for a total of 30 hours.

Course icon Specialized Russian courses

We offer a variety of specialized courses.

Duration icon Duration

General courses are organized in 10-week terms (3 hours per week). 

Specialized courses vary in lengh.  

Assessment icon Assessment

General courses conclude with final written and oral exams.

Methodology icon Methodology

We use a communicative skills-based approach. In addition, some courses include translation and interpretation practice.

Resources icon Resources

For help typing in Russian (phonetic keyboard):

For grammar and spelling questions:

For help with pronunciation and stress in Russian words:

Online dictionaries (translate between Russian and other languages):

Russian definition dictionary:

Classic Russian and Soviet films online (with and without subtitles):

Fiction and essays on Russian culture:

Russian news and radio:

Teachers icon Meet our staff

Head of the Russian Programme

Anna Dvigubski joined the Russian Programme in 2015.  She holds a Ph. D. in Russian literature from Columbia University and has over a decade of experience teaching Russian language, literature and culture to a variety of students -- at the United Nations, Columbia University, Indiana University, Barnard College, and Kenyon College.


Natalia Dizenko has been teaching in the Russian Language Programme since 2016. She holds a Ph.D in Russian Language from Vinogradov Institute of the Russian Academy of Science and has decades of experience teaching Russian language in Ukraine and in the United States -at the University of Pittsburgh, Touro College, and Sarah Lawrence College.

Irina Kulichevsky has taught in the Russian Language Programme since 1985. She holds an MA in Teaching Foreign Languages from Moscow State University.

Tatiana Tsivilko has taught in the Russian Language Programme since 1995. She holds an MA in Teaching Foreign Languages from Minsk State University.

Ekaterina (Katia) Salmanova has been with the Russian Language Programme since 2016. She studied linguistics and Russian literature at Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow and holds a Ph.D from Herzen State Pegagogical University in St. Petersburg. She has more than ten years of experience teaching Russian language and literature at the City University of New York. Katia Salmanova is also the author of a number of short stories and a novel, published in Russia as well as in the US.