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Course icon General French courses 

We are currently offering online general language courses for UN I and UN II UNLF levels. For complete beginners, we offer online self-paced courses. We also offer brush-up courses for the Summer term that are 3 weeks long. 


 Specialized French courses

We offer online specialized courses for those who work in the language, and specialized courses, both cultural and professional, to develop specific skills. Many are designed either for advanced-level learners or native speakers (expert level). These classes are for students who have already completed French 4 UN II of the language programme in New York or have tested out of this level through the placement test. In addition, we offer online courses to prepare for the LPE, participants who have already completed French 2 UN II can register. 

 Placement Test Information

*The placement test is only required for NY-based courses. 

The placement test in French is organized as follows:   

  1. The Pre-test:  Once you are enrolled in Inspira, click on the "Start" button to access the pre-test. Fill out and submit the form.  The pre-test will be open from 7 June to 10 September.  The pre-test is brief series of questions regarding your familiarity in the language that should take only 5 minutes to complete. 
  2. The Test:    Once we have reviewed your pre-test, we will send you the information on how to access the appropriate test.   The test consists of four parts: listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, writing, and speaking. The test will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete. 



If you take the pre-test between 7 June and 15 July, you will receive information on how to access the placement test within 48 hours.  

If you take the pre-test between 16 July and 10 September, you will receive information on how to access the placement test on or after 13 September.  

We encourage you to complete your pre-test and placement test as soon as possible so that you receive your results and can register in advance for available courses.   

*Pre-tests must be completed by 10 September.  *Placement tests must be completed by 17 September.