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the course schedule for English and all languages


Course icon General English Courses

Develop your English proficiency with courses from English 1&2 (beginner / A1*) to English 9 (advanced / B2-C1*) that include all skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. 


Specialized English Courses

Enhance a specific skill - in speaking, listening, reading or writing. In-person courses are generally available to those in New York. 


Duration icon Duration

General courses (English 1-9) are organized in terms of about 3 months (3 hours per week).  

Specialized courses vary in length from one day to 3 months. 


Assessment icon Assessment

To successfully pass a course, you must meet the minimum attendance (65-75%), and complete the homework and in-class participation requirements. Also, those who complete English 1&2 courses and want to move on to English 3 must also pass the "English 3 Entrance Exam". 



Request a tailor-made learning solution for the communication needs of your office or department.  

Prepare for the ELPE (English Language Proficiency Exam), an internal United Nations exam. 

  • See the registration instructions on the LPE page of the HR Portal  
  • Prepare for the exam by taking one or more English Programme courses