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We offer language and communication courses and training activities in several formats and durations to address our clients' needs. 


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The English Language Programme offers courses face-to-face and online in synchronous and asynchronous formats. Our teachers use contemporary language learning methods and approaches to create an interactive learning experience. 

 General English Courses

We currently offer 10 general language courses at UN Level I and UN Leve II, focusing on integrated-skills development (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing). Courses are 30 hours long and 10 weeks in length. 


 Specialized English Courses

We also offer specialized courses and webinars for UN Levels I – III. These courses focus on specific areas, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and listening. Students receive instruction, varied practice opportunities and feedback to improve their knowledge and skills.


 Specialized English Courses

We also offer courses and webinars for communication-skills at UN Levels II and III. These courses generally focus on higher-level oral and written communication-skills development, such as correspondence or report writing and presentation skills. 

 Assessment icon  Assessment

We are currently redesigning our placement test to align with the UN Language FrameworkStudents receive continuous and summative assessments depending on the type of course. 


Language Learning Resources for the Six UN Official Languages

Learners can find a variety of authentic language resources to develop, practice and reinforce their language skills. Enjoy Learning the Six UN Official Languages on Your Devices is a package of resources featuring mobile applications for language learning and UN applications as a source of authentic language. *The package has been compiled for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products described.

Customized Training Solutions

Request a tailor-made learning solution for the communication needs of your office or department. Contact the Customized Training Team via 

Language Proficiency Exam

Prepare for the LPE (Language Proficiency Exam), an internal United Nations exam. See the registration instructions on the LPE page of the HR Portal. Prepare for the exam by taking one or more Language Programme courses.