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the course schedule for English and all languages


Course icon General English Courses

Develop your English proficiency with courses that include all skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. 


Specialized English Courses

Enhance a specific skill - in speaking, listening, reading or writing. In-person courses are generally available to those in New York. 


Duration icon Duration

General courses are organized in terms of about 10 weeks (3 hours per week).  

Specialized courses vary in length from one day to 3 months. 


Assessment icon Assessment

To successfully pass a course, you must meet the minimum attendance (65-75%), and complete the homework and in-class participation requirements. Also, those who complete English 1&2 courses and want to move on to English 3 must also pass the "English 3 Entrance Exam". 



Request a tailor-made learning solution for the communication needs of your office or department.  

Prepare for the ELPE (English Language Proficiency Exam), an internal United Nations exam. 

  • See the registration instructions on the LPE page of the HR Portal  
  • Prepare for the exam by taking one or more English Programme courses