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At UNHQ, English Level courses range from Level 1 & 2 courses (beginner) to 9 (advanced) for non-native speakers to develop all language skills — speaking, listening, writing, reading and interacting — and both fluency and accuracy.  New students who are not beginners nor very proficient need to take a Placement Test to determine their level. 

English Placement Tests for Winter term 2017  (LMS-1122)

  • LMS-1122- 69 - Tuesday, 13 December 1-3pm in the United Nations Learning Centre, Computer Room B 
  • LMS-1122- 70 - Tuesday, 20 December 1-3pm in the United Nations Learning Centre, Computer Room C 


Communications icon Communication skills training

We offer writing and speaking courses for those who work in the language. Most of these are  designed either for high-level learners or native speakers of the language.  Writing and presentation skills courses include a mix of group lessons and individual tutoring sessions with the instructor.   

Click on each course to see a full description and details on how to register in (using your UN Secretariat staff member account) or via (if eligible but not a current UN Secretariat staff member).

Courses via WebEX*

English as a Second Language courses at UNHQ Communication skills courses at UNHQ
Guided Self-Study Intermediate Conversation Pronunciation Skills Part 1
Advanced Grammar Part 1 Intermediate Grammar Advanced English Grammar
Advanced Grammar Part 2 Introduction to English Writing Exploring the United Nations
E-mail Etiquette workshop Intermediate English Writing Discourse Strategies, Part 1
Presentation Skills for presenting online Intermediate Vocabulary English Writing Skills workshop
Summary Writing Intensive English Through Songs Correspondence Writing
Writing for the Web Reading the News Summary Writing
Writing Presentation Slides English Through Cinema Report Writing











Seeking a language or communication skills course not listed here?  

Please contact the English Programme Coordinator (Ms Jodi Nooyen) to describe the training you'd like us to offer.

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Duration icon Duration 

Most courses meet once or twice per week for 12 weeks.  However, increasingly, we are offering shorter courses.

Assessment icon Assessment

At UNHQ, assess progress in an English course in three ways, depending on the course.

  • Those who complete our beginner level courses (Levels 1 and 2), take an 'English Level 3 entrance exam'. Those who pass can move on to Level 3 in the following term or the term after that.
  • For students in Levels 3-9, we use continuous assessment.  That is, if a student completes a series of classwork and homework and does it well, s/he will pass to the next level. Alternatively, a student can take an end-of-term exam to determine if s/he is ready for the next level.
  • Those who take our writing, communication skills or other specialized courses, course requirements vary.  For most courses, to pass, you must attend a minimum of 65% of the lessons and, for most courses, you must also complete a minimum of course assignments. 


Methodology icon Methodology

At UNHQ, we use the Communicative Approach.  Our goal is to give you as many opportunities as possible to communicate in English during each course.


Resources icon  Learning resources

We offer the following learning resources available to all - even those not eligible to take our English courses at UNHQ.

To log into Unite Connections, use your UN e-mail address and e-mail password.  If you don't have access to Unite Connections, we can request that for you. Please send a request to the English Coordinator and include your name, job title, Organization / office, job title, and reason for wanting to get access to Unite Connections.


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