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Course icon General Chinese courses

Courses range from beginner to advanced levels. The main purpose is to develop comprehensive language skills — listening, speaking, reading, and writing — and to achieve levels of proficiency as defined in the United Nations Language Framework.


Communication icon Specialized Chinese courses

Courses strengthen skills in such areas as conversation, reading & writing, grammar & vocabulary, listening and pronunciationWe also offer courses that explore such topics as UN Sustainable Development Goals and Using Gender-inclusive LanguageWe also offer a course that helps learners prepare for the UN Language Proficiency Exam (Chinese)  


Duration icon Duration

General courses are typically organized in 10-week terms (3 hours per week). Specialized courses vary in length. 


Assessment icon Assessment

We follow a continuous evaluation system that takes various types of assessments into consideration. 


Methodology icon Methodology

Communicative Approach


Teachers icon Summer immersion program

Please click here for more information on the three-week immersion programme in China.