Talent Management Centre in Nairobi


The Talent Management Centre (TMC) in Nairobi is the Organization’s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop talented staff members to fulfil the mandates of UNON, UNEP and UN-Habitat.

To strengthen our HR functions within existing capacity, the TMC integrates Recruitment and Staff Development Units to build new pillars that include workforce planning, performance management, talent acquisition and talent development. TMC aims to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive and engaged staff members who are of particular value to the Organization. This is our innovative way to work more efficiently and collaboratively with the HR community and internal/external partners. 




The main objectives include:

•   transforming services provided by the Centre through process innovations; and
•   deploying human capital with the Centre effectively to deliver the highest level of service.

TMC is made up of four units:

  1. Workforce Planning (WFP)
    • UNON organization management (OM) administration in close collaboration with OM Certifiers (budget function) ; Workforce analytics, including HR statistics and reports; Focal point for organization design and classification
  1. Talent Acquisition (TA)
    • Recruitment and placement; Engagement of non-staff - consultants and individual contractors; Compensation - place to place and salary survey exercises
  2. Talent Development (TD)
    • Learning opportunities (internal and external); assessments (GGST, LPE and YPP); needs and gaps assessment; career coaching
    • Language Programme
  3. Performance Management (PM)
    • Compliance and first line support on policy and procedure advice; Outreach and training for managers, supervisors and staff; Organizational culture change
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