Log in to Inspira

Log-in to using your index number as a User ID.

Note: Use your index number when logging in to the system. If you have never logged into Inspira, please follow the instructions in chapter 1.2.1 of the Inspira Instructional Manual

Browse to My learning

Go to the Main Menu > Self Service > Learning > My Learning

Search for “career coaching”

Enter “career coaching” in the “Search the Catalog” field

Enroll in the course

Click “Enroll” next to the entry titled “Career Coaching-General Career Coaching (LMS-2151)”

Select the date for your session 

Click “Enroll” next to the date of your choice

Finish your registration in the career coaching session by clicking on “Submit Enrollment”

Your registration for career coaching is done. You will see a screen confirming this. You can also verify enrolment by clicking on “My Learning”.

Click on “My Learning” and you will see your status as “Enrolled”.

A staff member from Career Support in OHRM will contact you to finalize the arrangements for your session with a career coach.

Do the pre-requirement: Complete part I of the Career Workbook

Type “Career Workbook” in the search area and click on “Search” then click on “Enroll”

Download the workbook

Go back to “My Learning” and click on the “Career Workbook”

Click on “Notes and Attachments”

You will see the different parts of the Workbook; you can download all of them if you choose to. Only “Knowing Yourself and What You Want” is a requirement for the career coaching session. Please download that part and do the exercises in it and bring them to your session with the career coach.