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Important update

There will be no new vacancy or new managed mobility exercises launched in 2018 and no additional networks will be phased into the new system. 

Managed Mobility

The first 2017 managed mobility exercises of POLNET and ITECNET, which were launched earlier last year, were completed at the end of 2017. There will be no additional managed mobility exercises conducted in 2018. 

Vacancy Exercises

The two POLNET vacancy exercises, initiated in 2017, will be completed under the staff selection and managed mobility system outlined in ST/AI/2016/1. The first ITECNET vacancy exercise was finalized at the end of 2017, and there will be no second ITECNET vacancy exercise. 

There will be no additional networks phased into the new staff selection and managed mobility system in 2018 until the comprehensive review is completed in line with General Assembly resolution A/RES/68/265.


  Managed Mobility Exercises:

  • The 2017 exercises have been concluded. 
  • There will be no further managed mobility exercises in 2018 under ST/AI/2016/1.

  Vacancy Exercises:

  • The 2017 ITECNET exercise has been concluded. 
  • The second 2017 POLNET vacancy exercise will be concluded under ST/AI/2016/1.
  • Future vacancies will be governed by ST/AI/2010/3.



 What is POLNET?

The Political, Peace, and Humanitarian job network (POLNET) is one of nine (9) job networks in the UN Secretariat. It comprises seven (7) job families requiring similar or overlapping knowledge areas, skills and abilities. Click here to see all job families that are part of POLNET.



The second POLNET Vacancy Exercise of 2017 is in its final stages and will be concluded in early 2018.

Please find below important information about the assessment process for the second POLNET vacancy exercise of 2017, including a link to check the timetable of Substantive Knowledge Tests by job opening. Please note that if you applied as a rostered candidate to a specific job opening, you will not be subject to any of the below assessments (but reviewed for suitability during the recruitment process).

Table of Test Dates by Job Opening (updated on 23 January 2018)


Click here for a detailed timeline and process on the vacancy staffing exercises for POLNET in 2017.

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