Online Language Learning Licenses (O3L)


To keep fostering the core value of multilingualism throughout the Organization and to expand the geographical reach of learning, the Department of Management (DM), the Office of Human Resources (OHRM) and the Language Learning Services Unit (LLSU) have recently begun providing online language learning licenses (O3L) in the official languages of the United Nations. These licenses are intended for Secretariat staff members residing in Duty Stations and Offices Away from Headquarters, where face-to-face language classes are not offered. Please note that these licenses are distinct from the online courses offered by the Language and Communications Programme. You can find the schedule of online courses here.

OHRM is currently sponsoring a fixed-budget for these licenses for the UN Secretariat and the LLSU has been in contact with various learning managers and language training focal points in the Global Secretariat to distribute the licenses. The LLSU has worked closely with the providers and students to monitor and support the use of the licenses.

If you are a learning manager or training focal point and would like to purchase additional licenses with your own budget or would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact the LLSU directly at

Click here for info on making additional purchases with your own budget

If you are a learning manager or training focal point in an UN agency, fund or programme and would like to piggyback off of the current contract, please contact the LLSU directly at

O3L Highlights from 2017

  • 900 licenses distributed by OHRM 
  • 400 licenses distributed by DPKO
  • Licenses distributed to staff members in more than 55 countries
  • Equitable gender balance in distribution of licenses
  • High usage rates seen among students
  • Positive feedback from the students about the selected platforms

2018 O3L Distribution Calendar

  • Wave 1 Registration Period: 1 March - 15 March
  • Wave 2 Registration Period: 3 September - 20 September

Our Partners

  • Arabic - Pendragon (1 year license)
  • Chinese -  YoYo Chinese (1 year license)
  • English - Education First (1 year license)
  • French - Institut Francais (6 month license)
  • Spanish - Instituto Cervantes (6 month license)

Learn more about our providers