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JANUARY 2017  Improving your language skills, Setting achievable goals

FEBRUARY 2017  Innovation in Learning at the UN Secretariat, User-centered design

MARCH 2017 Learning opportunities on Gender Equality, Bridging cultures

APRIL 2017 New online learning opportunities on Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Collaborative Negotiation and Project Management; The Neuroscience of learning

MAY 2017 Setting Performance Objectives, Setting Team and Employee Goals

JUNE 2017 Career Counselling and general Coaching @the UN, Discovering your strengths

JULY 2017  Addressing Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

AUGUST 2017 Filtering out relevant information, Information literacy

SEPTEMBER 2017 Getting ready for your mid-point review with online communications programmes, Delivering employee feedback

OCTOBER 2017 Upholding the UN Charter values, New Strategy on Gender Parity

NOVEMBER 2017 Career Development resources, Taking advantage of

DECEMBER 2017 Engage for Change- The Staff Engagement Survey

JANUARY 2018 Tips and tricks for Outlook, Your feedback 

FEBRUARY 2018 Fostering Multilingualism, Harmonization of Language Learning, Online Language Learning Licenses

MARCH 2018 Sailing the winds of Change, Stories of excellent client service in the UN, Celebrating UN French Language Day

APRIL 2018 Giving and Receiving Feedback, the Structure of Meaningful Listening, Calling all French Students

MAY 2018 Learning Agility, Pre-retirement Seminar, Performance Management Fundamentals, Creating a more inclusive work environment

JUNE 2018 Increasing Your Well-being, Health and Performance at Work

JULY 2018 Leadership, Women and the UN, Secretariat-wide Learning Needs Assessment for 2018-2019

AUGUST 2018 Job Shadowing at the UN, Mentoring, Management Development Programme Delivered in Addis Ababa

SEPTEMBER 2018 Accessing official UN documents, Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse by United Nations Personnel — Working Harmoniously

OCTOBER 2018 - Not available

NOVEMBER 2018 Accessibility at the United Nations, MBA Scholarships