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JANUARY 2017  Improving your language skills, Setting achievable goals

FEBRUARY 2017  Innovation in Learning at the UN Secretariat, User-centered design

MARCH 2017 Learning opportunities on Gender Equality, Bridging cultures

APRIL 2017 New online learning opportunities on Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Collaborative Negotiation and Project Management; The Neuroscience of learning

MAY 2017 Setting Performance Objectives, Setting Team and Employee Goals

JUNE 2017 Career Counselling and general Coaching @the UN, Discovering your strengths

JULY 2017  Addressing Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

AUGUST 2017 Filtering out relevant information, Information literacy

SEPTEMBER 2017 Getting ready for your mid-point review with online communications programmes, Delivering employee feedback

OCTOBER 2017 Upholding the UN Charter values, New Strategy on Gender Parity

NOVEMBER 2017 Career Development resources, Taking advantage of

DECEMBER 2017 Engage for Change- The Staff Engagement Survey

JANUARY 2018 Tips and tricks for Outlook, Your feedback 

FEBRUARY 2018 Fostering Multilingualism, Harmonization of Language Learning, Online Language Learning Licenses

MARCH 2018 Sailing the winds of Change, Stories of excellent client service in the UN, Celebrating UN French Language Day

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APRIL 2018

UN Secretariat Global Learning and Career Support Programmes

Listen Carefully
It's time to reflect on our work and our achievements of the past year, as the end of the 2017-18 performance cycle is here. While giving and receiveing feedback continuously makes it more meaningful and actionable, this is a time of the year when we need to be specially prepared to give and receive feedback.

Here are some resources to support you: video of the month: The Structure of Meaningful Listening
Discover the benefits of meaningful listening and learn about the six cornerstone principles to listen effectively
(duration: 2m 34s).
Watch the video



Communication Skills & General Interest Programmes
Panel report writing for hiring managers (LMS-2324)
Duration: 2 sessions of 1 hour 30 min each
18-19 April
7:00am (New York) // 1:00pm (Geneva) // 2:00pm (Nairobi) // 6:00pm (Bangkok)
Unconscious Bias for Panel Members (LMS-2679)
Duration: 1 hour 30 min
5 April / Avril
3:30am (New York) // 9:30am Geneva // 10:30am Nairobi // 2:30pm Bangkok
9:00am New York // 3:00pm Geneva // 4:00pm Nairobi // 8:00pm Bangkok
Écrire pour iSeek (LMS-3054)
Online virtual classroom instruction with tutor support
Duration: 8 hours over 5 weeks
30 April – 1 June 
Programmes for Exam Preparation
Spanish - LPE preparation : Compresión oral y vocabulario (LMS-1963)
Self-paced with tutor support
Duration: 8 hours // Open from 23 April to 1 June
Préparer les épreuves de compréhension et de langue de l’EAL (LMS-1699)
Duration : 20 hours // Open from 1 April to 15 September

Language Skills Online Programmes
French - Expressing likes and dislikes - Writing (A1) (LMS-2430)
Self-paced with tutor support 
Duration: 9 hours over 6 weeks // Open from 24 April until 1 June
French - Expressing likes and dislikes - Speaking (LMS-2431)
Self-paced with tutor support
Duration: 9 hours over 6 weeks // Open from 24 April until 1 June
French - Introducing oneself - Writing (LMS-2682)
Self-paced with tutor support
Duration: 9 hours over 6 weeks // Open from 24 April until 1 June
French - Introducing oneself - Speaking (LMS-2683)
Self-paced with tutor support
Duration: 9 hours over 6 weeks // Open from 24 April until 1 June
Novelas en Español: El beso de la mujer araña (LMS-2672)
Self-paced with tutor support
Duration: 9 hours over 6 weeks // Open from 23 April until 1 June

Open enrollments for future programmes

Parlons “Égalité des sexes” (LMS-3055)
Virtual classroom with tutor support
Duration : 6 hours over 6 weeks // 14 May to 22 June


Look at the offer for each language by clicking below. Choose the type of course and the language you want to learn.





Shining light on excellent client service
This month, our spotlight shines on Silvia Trisciuzzi, who works at the Turin Liaison Office of UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute):

"Silvia is a general service staff member working in the travel Unit. She's always ready to assist in finding the best and most effective solution to the staff travel needs and works with us to anticipate problems. Silvia never loses her patience even when we ask her the same question many times and she always keeps us informed of changes or possible setbacks. 

I work in an afoffice away from HQs but I never had a problem with Silvia not being available or not returning my call or message as soon as possible. Silvia's dedication to making sure each travel experience is followed up from beginning to end is an excellent example of her client orientation skills."

Do you have any more examples of great client service orientation? Send them to
We will be sharing more examples in the coming issues of the newsletter and look forward to getting yours as well.


Calling all French students! Enrollment is open for future courses
Enrollment has opened for several upcoming French courses. Please see some of them below.
Make sure to secure your seat by registering via Inspira!

  • First contact (LMS-3058)
  • Parlons de l'égalité des sexes (advanced) (LMS-3055)
  • Webinaire- Stratégies pour l'épreuve d'expression écrite de l'EAL (advanced) (LMS-2495)
  • Webinaire- Stratégies pour l'épreuve d'interaction orale de l'EAL (advanced) (LMS-2500)
  • Préparer l'épreuve d'expression écrite de l'EAL (LMS-2493)
  • Préparer l'épreuve d'interaction orale de l'EAL (LMS-2494)


The ACUNS Programme is taking a break
The ACUNS (Academic Council on the United Nations System) Workshop will not be taking place in 2018 as they relocate their headquarters to their new institutional home (2018-2023) in Coventry University, UK. OHRM will continue to support the ACUNS programme in 2019 and will share information on the 2019 agenda once available. Stay tuned!


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