Language Learning Services Unit (LLSU)


The Language Learning Services Unit (LLSU) was established to support Learning Managers and HR Practitioners in offices away from Headquarters and field duty stations in developing and enhancing language programmes. The Unit is administered by the Language and Communications Programme out of UNHQ and is composed of teachers and coordinators from the Language and Communications Programme (LCP) at UNHQ-New York.

The LLSU provides products, trainings, and advisory services which are designed to help learning managers or HR Practitioners develop their current or prospective language programmes.

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These are already-existing materials for language learning and teaching in different media (paper, digital, video/audio) that a learning manager can use or distribute without further support from the LLSU. 

Online Language Learning Licenses

Language Learning Resources for the 6 Official Languages 


These are learning solutions that target a wide group of clients, and are created to meet specific needs of a requesting office/department. Trainings may be organized at the request of a learning manager for a department or duty station.

 Advisory services:

The LLSU offers guidance about setting up or maintaining language learning programmes for learning managers or HR practitioners in offices away from Headquarters and field duty stations.  Guidance comes in the form of information sheets. The LLSU can also meet with you via VTC by request to further guide you. Specific topics include but are not limited to: teacher recruitment criteria, teacher training and local language programme development.

Language Teacher Selection Guidelines

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