Harmonization of Language Learning and Assessment

The Language Harmonization Project at the United Nations is a project which aims to harmonize language learning and assessment for Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and for local working languages, within the United Nations Secretariat. To that end, a common UN Language Framework is under development to provide consistency to all UN Language Programmes and to facilitate more efficient management of language programmes, stronger recognition of language skills and smoother transitions in career mobility and development.

The UN Language Framework (see below) establishes four levels of language competence for the six official languages:

● UN Level I or Foundational Language Competence

● UN Level II or Intermediate Language Competence

● UN Level III or Advanced Language Competence

● UN Level IV or Expert Language Competence 


















To learn more or to participate, please contact our Focal Points:

Anna Sanvisens Farras at UNHQ: sanvisens-farras@un.org

Fabienne Pairon at UNOG: fabienne.pairon@un.org


To read more about the project, see the following documents:


UN Level Descriptors - Reading Guide (May 2018)