COVID-19 Information for UN Healthcare Workers

The latest information from WHO can be found at

For any questions, please contact  

  1. Within UN healthcare facilities, enhance standard infection prevention and control practices in clinics and hospitals, especially in emergency departments.
  1. Read the following guidance from the United Nations Medical Directors  
  1. Provide all UN personnel travelling into outbreak areas with preventative information so as to reduce their general risk of acquiring an acute respiratory infection.
  1. Be familiar with the WHO's definition of Suspect, Probable, and Confirmed Cases
  1. Read the following technical guidance from the World Health Organization
  1. If you encounter any UN personnel with a relevant travel history into Wuhan, and other locations with COVID-19, and with signs and symptoms indicative of acute respiratory infections, please contact the DHMOSH public health team at for further guidance.
  1. You may download and print the poster below and display around your duty station. 
  1. For UN Staff who need to speak to a counsellor due to stress or other psychosocial needs, please ask them to reach out to their local counsellor.

    For UN staff members working:

    • in UN Headquarters, contact the NY Staff Counsellors Office at or call +1-212-963-7044.
    • outside HQ, contact the CISMU/DSS Stress Counsellors for the appropriate referral:
  1. Staff/Stress Counsellors in the field should refer to this Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Psychosocial Contingency Plan Preparation Guidelines.
  1. Standard Powerpoint Presentation from DHMOSH for COVID-19 Introduction and Training.