How many continuing appointments will be granted?

For this year’s review, the total number of continuing appointments that can be given to UN Secretariat staff is 1,297 for the Professional and higher categories and Field Service categories, and 437 for the General Service and related categories. 

How will the review be conducted?

Here is a summary of the process and deadlines:

Stage 1 – Eligibility review

  • 16  October 2017:

    • Emails will be sent from inspira to potentially eligible candidates;
    • inspira opens up for candidates’ review of eligibility criteria.
  • 15 November 2017: Deadline for Executive Office/local HR office focal points of respective department to send lists of additional staff who may be eligible to the Continuing Appointments Team.
  • 30 November 2017*: Deadline for candidates who wish to avail of the opportunity to provide comments and submit additional information/documents through inspira.

*This deadline will be strictly enforced. Candidates are advised to allow sufficient time to prepare and submit their comments in inspira. Please note that review by candidates is not mandatory. However, any comments/additional information you can provide on the data by the deadline (30 November 2017) will enable your Department to have as much information as possible available to make a recommendation. 

  • 31 January 2018: Deadline for Executive Offices/local HR offices to review their staff members’ information in inspira and make the determination on eligibility.
  • Date to be announced: Email notification to candidates notifying them of their eligibility status in inspira.

Stage 2 – Points Allocation Review                             

In the event that the post envelope is larger than the number of eligible candidates, the points allocation stage will not be required and the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) will conduct the final review and award the continuing appointments. 

If the post envelope is smaller than the number of eligible candidates, the points allocation process will be conducted prior to the final review by OHRM for award of a continuing appointment.

The time-frame for the points allocation review and final OHRM review will be announced.

Looking for more information?

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