Changements ePerformance en 2018-2019

Staff have asked for change and OHR has listened!

These changes help empower staff members across all reporting line roles. 
They also make our ePerformance tool easier and faster to navigate.  


What will ALL STAFF see ?


What will FROs and Additional Supervisors see?

Streamlined Mid-Point review

You can now complete the Mid-point Review in just a few clicks! The process has been shortened for both staff members and First Reporting Officers.  This change comesin direct response to manager and staff member requests for a easier, faster Mid-point Review. 

Changed Ratings to be recorded

Following discussions between management and the Staff Management Council, it is agreed that staff who go through a rebuttal process and receive a new rating will see that rating recorded in Inspira.  Previously, rebuttal panel reports were placed in the staff member’s Official Status File.     

New Print feature

Now you will be able to print your document easily and quickly at any stage during the cycle. A new button creates a PDF that you can either save to your device or print.  You’ll be able to email your workplan documents easily now and use handy print copies during performance conversations and goal adjustment meetings.  

Dual SRO Reporting Line feature 

Staff members who have two Second Reporting Officers (SRO) can now reflect this in their documents. This change aligns with some new reporting structures that have resulted from management reform. Only staff members who have discussed and agreed to a dual-SRO reporting line with their FRO and SROs can use this feature.  .   


FROs can Create documents for staff

FROs will now be able to create documents on behalf of staff members - for special situations in which staff members have not created them. This change will enable managers to ensure that documents have been created for all team members.  

Additional supervisors can view full documents

Additional Supervisors can now see the full workplan, including the Mid-point Review and end-of-cycle information. Their previous access was more restricted. This creates more transparency in the shared supervisory role: the additional supervisor can stay informed of the staff member’s full responsibilities and s/he can have more meaningful conversations with the FRO. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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