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Staff who work with more than one supervisor during a cycle can request feedback from them in the form of end-of-cycle comments. Comments from additional supervisors can provide a broader perspective of a staff member’s performance.

Up to two additional supervisors may be designated if a staff member works for more than one supervisor for more than 25 per cent of his/her time or for assignments of at least 30 working days, provided such arrangements are put into place with the agreement of the First Reporting Officer at the work-planning stage. 

Additional supervisors should ensure that staff member understand the purposes, goals and timelines of the short-term projects they work on. Together they should develop a project work plan and reflect it in the ePerformance document under one or more goals. Additional supervisors, like all First Reporting Officers (FROs), should give ongoing feedback to staff and know how to give comments at the end-of-cycle appraisal. As such they should be aware of the main PM roles and responsibilities of FROs


Guidance and Tips

Certain steps need to be taken in inspira in order for the Additional supervisor role to be activated.

The table below outlines the steps by role:

Staff Member
  1. To start the process in Inspira, expand the ‘Additional Supervisor’ option found on your performance document’s left- hand menu
  2. Click on the ‘Add Additional Supervisor’ link to include their name(s)
  3. In the following days, click on ‘Additional Supervisor Acceptance’ to see if they’ve accepted your request, or to cancel it if they haven’t accepted
  4. Expand the ‘Additional Supervisor Evaluation’ option, and then click on ‘View’ to see their comments.


Additional Supervisor
  1. After you’ve received an email from Inspira about being an additional supervisor, navigate to: Main Menu > Self Service > Performance Management > Additional Supervisor Functions
  2. Click on the ‘Pending Evaluation Requests’ link to accept or decline the request
  3. Click on the ‘Current Evaluations’ link to enter and submit your comments
  4. Click on the ‘Historical Evaluations’ link to see your previously entered comments


First Reporting Officer
  1. Remember to include inputs from the staff member's additional supervisor(s) before finalizing your evaluation.
  2. To view the additional supervisor(s) comments expand the ‘Additional Supervisor Evaluation’ option found on your performance document’s
    left-hand menu, then click on ‘View’ 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I enter Additional supervisor comments in Inspira?

Probably because the FRO has already entered his/her comments and therefore the Additional supervisor cannot enter his/hers. Additional supervisors must enter their comments before FROs enter theirs. The logic is that an FRO should be able to see feedback from additional supervisors before they write a comprehensive appraisal.

To remedy this, the staff member can request that her/his document be 'rolled back' to the 'FRO Evaluation Stage' so that the Additional supervisor box will be editable. Keep in mind, however, that if a document has already been finalized – approved by the FRO and SRO and the 14-day staff member acknowledgement period past - it cannot be rolled back.

What can I do if the First Reporting Officer has already completed the evaluation?
Can the document be rolled back to allow me to enter comments?

Yes, the document can be “rolled back” to the FRO as long as the document has not been finalized. Click here for rollback instructions.

Why can't I see the staff member's work plan in Inspira?

Additional supervisors do not have access to staff member work plans in Inspira.
The staff member or FRO can provide it by copying and pasting it from Inspira and emailing it to the additional supervisor.

What is my role as an Additional Supervisor?

The additional supervisor should communicate expectations to the SM, monitor and give feedback on the performance of those responsibilities, and provide comments at the end of cycle. Any changes to the original expectations or performance issues should be communicated to the staff member and to the First Reporting Officer.

Who authorizes the additional supervisor agreement?

The First Reporting Officer is responsible for approving additional supervisor arrangements at the work planning stage, or whenever the assignment begins.

How many additional supervisors can there be?

Up to two additional supervisors may be designated in a work plan in a given cycle.

What happens when there is a change of FRO during a given cycle?

If a staff member remains in the same functions but serves under successive supervisors during one cycle, the FRO at the end of the cycle shall complete the evaluation. Prior supervisors should be consulted or, if applicable, act as additional supervisors.

What should be done in ePerformance/Inspira when a staff member changes jobs?

Staff can include multiple assignments in the same performance cycle in a single performance document. In these cases, the supervisor at the end of the cycle shall write the final evaluation. The original FRO should evaluate the staff member for the period under her/his supervision.

Previous supervisors can be added as Additional supervisors and can provide comments. They must do so before the FRO enters his/her comments.

All supervisors should agree on the final rating. If this is not the case, then multiple short-term evaluations are required using form P.333.

When should the Additional supervisor enter comments?

Additional supervisor comments can be made at any time during the cycle prior to the FRO entering comments. Please note: Additional supervisors cannot add comments after an FRO enters comments. There are no automatic notifications sent from Inspira about this. Communication and coordination between FROs and Additional supervisors, therefore, is essential.

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