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Please note that the Administrative Instructions are arranged by symbol, regardless of the publication date showing in the document.

ST/AI/2012/3 Administration of continuing appointments
ST/AI/2012/2/Rev.1 Young professionals programme
ST/AI/2012/2/Rev.1/Amend.1 Young professionals programme
ST/AI/2002/8 Official hospitality
ST/AI/2002/8/Amend.1 Official hospitality
ST/AI/2002/6 Life insurance
ST/AI/2002/5 Mission subsistence allowance
ST/AI/1997/6/Amend.1 Mission subsistence allowance
ST/AI/1997/6 Mission subsistence allowance
1996 and Earlier
ST/AI/404 Assignment to and return from Mission Detail
ST/AI/401 Personnel Arrangements for the Office of Internal Oversight Services
ST/AI/400 Abandonment of post
ST/AI/387 Security Arrangements for Admission to United Nations Headquarters
ST/AI/372 Employee assistance in cases of alcohol/substance abuse
ST/AI/368 Instructions governing United Nations Diplomatic Pouch Service
ST/AI/349 United Nations Garage
ST/AI/342 Preparation of Host Government Agreement falling under General Assembly Resolution 40/243 guidelines
ST/AI/333 Personal Identification Cards - Headquarters
ST/AI/299 Reporting of arrest or detention of staff members, other agents of the United Nations and members of their families
ST/AI/293 Facilities to be provided to Staff Representatives
ST/AI/292 Filing of adverse material in personnel records
ST/AI/291/Rev.1 Part-time Employment
ST/AI/285 Technical co-operation trust funds
ST/AI/284 General trust funds
ST/AI/273 Employment of Spouses
ST/AI/259/Rev.10 Salary differential for General Service staff in the language text-processing units in the Text-Processing Section, Department of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services, Headquarters
ST/AI/233/Corr.1 Contributions from non-member states
ST/AI/233 Contributions from non-member states
ST/AI/231/Rev.1 Non-reimbusable loans of personnel services from sources external to the United Nations Common System
ST/AI/222 Procedure to be followed in cases of termination of permanent appointment for unsatisfactory service
ST/AI/205 Library services
ST/AI/189/Add.28 Regulations for the Control and Limitation of Documentation [Guidelines for Electronic Publishing]
ST/AI/189/Add.26 Regulations for the Control and Limitation of Documentation [Guidelines for Electronic Publishing]
ST/AI/155/Rev.2/Amend.1 Personnel payroll clearance action
ST/AI/155/Rev.2 Personnel payroll clearance action
ST/AI/149/Rev.4 Compensation for loss of or damage to personal effects attributable to service
ST/AI/145/Rev.1 Use of Dag Hammarskjold memorial library
ST/AI/118/Rev.1 Registration of representatives, establishment of passes and publication of official documents containing lists of delegates to meeting of United Nations organs
ST/AI/108 Annual Inspection of Official Status File
ST/AI/105 Maintenance of Personnel Record Cards
ST/AI/104 Solicitation of Voluntary Contributions within the Secretariat