Salary and benefits calculator now available!


Wondering about the impact of the new ICSC compensation package? A salary and benefits estimates calculator is now accessible online.

The estimates calculator helps you to understand changes to your salary and benefits under the new compensation package that was approved in December 2015 by the General Assembly (A/RES/70/244) for internationally-recruited staff in the Professional and higher and the Field Service categories.

The calculator has four (4) key components:

1. Salary estimator

This salary calculator provides estimates of the changes in various elements of salary and allowances that came into effect effective 1 July 2016 as well those changes which will come into effect as of 1 January 2017 as mandated per GA resolution 70/244.

2. Education Grant

The revised education grant scheme will be introduced as of the school year in progress on 1 January 2018.You will be able to estimate your education grant and compare the current scheme with the new scheme including the effect of the global sliding scale, revised ceilings and changes in the admissible expenses and treatment of capital assessment fees.

3. Assignment/Settling-in Grant

The relocation-related elements are identified and presented with the new and former relocation package.

4. Repatriation grant

The repatriation grant reflects the change from one to five years for a staff member to be eligible to receive a repatriation grant upon separation from the organization.

All calculations and amounts displayed in the calculator are only an estimate and the estimated calculation may differ from the actual compensation package at the time of appointment or assignment and monthly payroll a staff member may receive. 

The new compensation package was the result of a three-year review by the ICSC which collaborated closely with representatives of the organizations and staff. The new package aims to simplify and streamline the current compensation system.

Additional information can be found on the ICSC webpage