Online language learning opportunities in 2017

Beginning a new language, working to advance in another language, or improving your communication skills are important talents not only for enhancing collaboration with your colleagues globally but also as an important part of your own career development. Learning a language advances the Organization’s goals of spreading multilingualism and multiculturalism “as a means of promoting, protecting, and preserving diversity of language and cultures globally” (resolution A/RES/69/324).

Online language learning opportunities are available to all UN staff in the six official UN languages. Whether you are a beginner in Arabic or French, you would like to improve your Chinese pronunciation, review your grammar in Russian or Spanish or develop your presentation skills in English – there are a variety of classes to suit your needs.

To help you and your teams connect better and strengthen your multilingual competence, the selection of web-based courses continues to expand each term. Online learning activities will also be available in spring and summer 2017. 

For more information about online language learning opportunities this winter and all year round, visit the UNHQ Language Programme where you can find the complete list of web-based language courses offered and instructions on how to register now for the winter term.

Seize this opportunity and join the growing number of participants who have already improved their linguistic abilities by learning online!