Complete your performance evaluation

The 30 June deadline for finalizing ePerformance documents is fast approaching.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to log into ePerformance in inspira and complete your 2018-19 documents.

As a staff member, ensure that you review your work plan and complete your self-assessment.

If you are a manager, ensure that a meaningful performance discussion is held before completing the evaluation in Inspira.

Some general tips:

  • Both staff members and managers should be willing to give and receive honest feedback in the performance discussion. 
  • Managers should:
    • Recognise concrete examples of good work and identify areas for development
    • Plan for how to support on areas of development

Find more tips in the documents below:

For instructions on how to use the ePerformance tool in inspira, click here.

For more information on performance management, please visit the HR Portal.